Our Story

As a local business, we strive to foster community relationships, provide quality food, and connect with our customers through service and smiles. Rudder's Café was founded in 1999 by Kay and Bob Pudelski. Inspired by a Californian market, the couple built their dream business from the ground-up. Fast-forward 20 years; their daughter, Carrie, and her husband, Dave have taken over the café. Keeping Rudder's within the family has been a chance for us to stay true to our origins and continue to serve as a "Local Gathering Place."









You'll see the FAMILY in Rudder's showcased in every aspect, from Dave serving up amazing espresso drinks, Carrie keeping the deli operating smoothly, or even Bob crafting delicious home-made soups in the back. Amelia (20) and Charley (9), the owner's children, can also be seen working and enjoying the atmosphere of Rudder's Café.